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AdScale Campaign optimisation

AdScale is our platform for testing, developing and deploying custom technological modules to orchestrate proprietary data and put them to work to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns.

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With ever more automated features on media platforms, AdScale allows you to take back control of campaign management.



AdScale offers a series of modules essential to the optimisation of media campaigns on a daily basis, from the management of budgets to the control of targeting.



AdScale enables greater productivity and the automation of the most time-consuming tasks, resulting in campaigns that are always well optimised.


Our platform was designed by and for Media Consultants faced with the realities of business on a daily basis.


The features of AdScale


Analysis of search terms

Performance of targeting

Our search term analysis module enables the understanding of what users are searching for and offers operational recommendations to refine targeting.

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Budget monitoring

Improved management

Budget monitoring is the foundation of all good campaign management. AdScale makes it easy to centralise all expenditure in a single place to facilitate budget control and monitoring.

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Tool Library

Centralisation of technical tools

Campaign optimisation can be time-consuming and tedious. AdScale gives access to a library of scripts, thus saving time on a daily basis and improving campaign performance.

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We designed Adscale as a response to the need  to be able to activate proprietary data to optimise campaigns - the essential toolbox for data-driven marketers.