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Caroline Poyet

Caroline Poyet

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Published on 18 October, 2021

User consent: how to comply with CNIL (the French national information science and liberties commission)

Orchestrating proprietary data These days, proprietary data are collected in great numbers and within the law by our cli ....

Published on 18 October, 2021

Google Ads: updating keyword matches

A few days ago, Google announced a major change in the updating of keyword matches on Google Ads starting from 18 Februa ....


Published on 18 October, 2021

Optimise your bidding strategies with auction-time bidding on Search Ads 360

Automatic and Smart Bidding strategies in SEA have been around for years on Google Ads and Search Ads 360 


Published on 18 October, 2021

How to increase your sales via Instagram

In a few years, the social network Instagram has become a go-to destination for sellers wanting to strengthen their digi ....


Published on 18 October, 2021

Black Friday: stand out from the competition by using your product feeds

Last week, we offered you an article dedicated to Black Friday, with our advice on getting the most out of this key peri ....


Published on 18 October, 2021

Develop your omnichannel approach with Store Sales Direct on Google Ads

The customer journey from discovering a product to buying it is complex. The journey is made up of several touchpoints b ....


Published on 18 October, 2021

What's the new version of Google Analytics, GA4?

Google Analytics is reinvented! On 14 October, the Mountain View company announced in its blog the release of its new ve ....


Published on 18 October, 2021

Live shopping: the new online shopping trend

 Live shopping is a real phenomenon in China and reuses the main principles of home shopping, enabling users to buy a pr ....


Published on 18 October, 2021

The disappearance of third-party cookies from Google Chrome

This is no longer news: last January, Google announced that it wanted to remove third-party cookies from its Chrome brow ....

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