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SmartFeeds Product Feed Manager

Your inventory feeds at the centre of the automation of media campaigns with SmartFeeds. Make your feeds an asset in the automation of your media campaigns.

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The most tedious tasks are automated.



The functionalities are enriched and evolve in line with your needs.



One single tool to manage the main activation channels.

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SmartFeeds carries out the processing of your data and activates it  on more than 50 marketing platforms

The features of SmartFeeds


Audit of your Feeds

The quality of your feeds is key to your media activation. Our feed audit methodology enables the identification of areas for optimisation to improve the distribution of your products and the performance of your campaigns.

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Simplified Distribution

Distribute your product offering on over 50 marketing platforms
  • Management of your onboarding on SmartFeeds and tool change in your marketing platforms.
  • Daily management of your feeds in collaboration with media management teams.

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Optimisation of Feeds

  • Monitoring of the alerts flagged by SmartFeeds
  • Management of feed problems with IT
  • Expertise in solving Merchant Center problems

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Enhanced Performance

Improve the performance of your media campaigns
  • Structuring of custom clustering rules on the performance of Google Ads campaigns and/or Google Analytics.
  • Exclusion of non-profitable products.
  • Management of product activation during key moments (Sales, Black Friday, Christmas, special marketing operations).

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Feed Solutions

We know that feed topics can result in complex projects, requiring the intervention of multidisciplinary teams with very specific business and technical challenges. That's why we offer a support service dedicated to the success of your feed projects via our Feed Solutions.

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To bring a simple flexible solution to blend our product feeds in low-code mode.

No need to do time-consuming feed mergers on Google Cloud, SmartFeeds takes care of everything!

Jean-Baptiste Gabellieri
Jean-Baptiste Gabellieri
E-commerce Manager

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