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Our engineers are marketing platform experts who automate your processes and improve the performance of your investments in advertising through your data, by creating custom technical solutions.

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Why Arcane?



Operational tasks are often time-consuming. We develop custom scripts integrated directly in your AdTech ecosystem, designed to increase intelligence and performance and to make the lives of your marketing teams simpler.


Analyse & Monitor

Our Data Analysts & Data Engineers work with our Media Consultants to design custom reporting tools that enable the feeding of activation strategies and their implementation in marketing platforms. This feature helps us improve the productivity of marketing teams and campaign performances.

Our services


Campaign Automation

Automating tasks via custom scripts

We automate the activation/deactivation of Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns from your stock data, the availability of your agents or the configuration of your offer. Other parameters also enable us to go further, such as modifying the structure of campaigns in real time, according to price competitiveness indicators.



Bringing business meaning to data

We offer you custom reports which correspond to each of your needs: cross-lever attribution reports, ad-centric and site-centric performance reports, as well as reports on digital and offline performance by store and geographical area. Our experts also offer training in data visualisation tools.


Attribution analysis & model definition

Measuring the weight of marketing levers

Standard attribution models (last-click, first-click etc.) don't provide a true vision of the impact of marketing levers on the customer journey, because they are based on rules which themselves are based on a hunch. To measure the weight of each marketing lever in your digital performance, we capitalise on our analysis of the digital pathway and data science models to deliver custom attribution models.


Incrementality analysis

Measuring incremental sales

Many advertisers ask themselves whether conversions would still be the same without some marketing levers. We set up a statistical protocol that allows us to measure incremental sales made via different levers/marketing campaigns to help you answer this question.

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Digital & Media Mix Modelling

Defining an optimal media mix

With our expertise in advanced statistical models, we define a budget distribution and a performance forecast by lever, according to your performance history, sales events plan and your key hypotheses.

Price Observatory is our price monitoring partner


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