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How do you optimise your titles on Google Shopping?

Caroline Poyet
by Caroline Poyet

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Product titles on Google Shopping advertisement formats have a great impact on the profitability and success of advertising campaigns. 

They respond to challenges with regard to users (like encouragement to click), but also with regard to the platform, because they have to conform to certain formats.

What concrete strategy should you set up to optimise your titles on Google Shopping? We share our top tips to help you boost your e-commerce titles.

Why should you optimise your titles on Google Shopping?

Unlike Google Ads, Google Shopping does not allow advertisers to choose which searches should be used to display their products. To determine how ads are displayed, the platform relies solely on information transmitted by product feeds.

This is where title data come in. Optimised titles have a greater chance of appearing in potentially interested users' searches. 

Improving and optimising your product titles

The right structure for your titles

In addition to the information contained in your title, it has to follow a certain structure to be optimised. 

Thus, Google considers the information at the beginning of the structure to be the most relevant. Build your structure using the information that you want to highlight in your titles. A simple structure could be something like this: brand + product type + attributes.

It could be compared to SEO: the title should contain the most important information to ensure that the Google robot spots it easily. The right keyword means the right person is targeted.

In addition, some titles can be abbreviated: featuring the most relevant words is essential to attract a customer's intention to purchase.

Rich and precise titles

An ad hoc analysis of the length and richness of titles can answer this question. First, it is essential to choose the most relevant and precise title possible. The description should be formulated to enable potential customers to easily spot the advantages of your product. 

In addition, to integrate as much information as possible about the product, make sure you use all the 150 available characters. 

Lastly, we recommend integrating popular keywords to appear higher in the ads. Google actually analyses the words in ads to see if they match users' searches.

Modifying your titles by enriching them with product attributes

Attributes influence the ranking of ads by the Google Shopping algorithm. Some attributes, such as the MPN (manufacturer part number) can be relevant. Once you've carried out initial trials, you can analyse your results and combine the most relevant attributes in your title. 

What Google recommends 

The Mountain View company imposes certain requirements on Google Shopping titles. 

You should avoid uppercase letters in your titles (when not essential), they are often used in spam and fraudulent ads. 

We should also add that Google doesn't care for the inclusion of promotional information, such as prices, either. 

The use of foreign words that are not readily understood by all, are to be avoided. However, exceptions are made for words that have become part of everyday language like "pizza" or "gâteau", for example. 

Here are our top tips on optimising your titles on Google Shopping. If you want to take things further, you can measure the impact of new titles using an A/B test. You'll see what works and what doesn't, so you can improve your performance. Feel free to contact us to find out more!

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