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Published on 10 December, 2021

Why should you buy your brand on SEA?

Appearing at the top of the search result pages, whether on Bing or Google, is essential for brands.

Published on 18 October, 2021

Setting up a Hagakure structure on Google Ads

Google Ads accounts had tended to have very complicated structures for several years. Why so complicated? Because the ob ....

Published on 18 October, 2021

TikTok is preparing for the arrival of the Collection and DPA formats

TikTok is getting ready to launch a new range of online shopping tools based on e-commerce.

Published on 18 October, 2021

Rejection of images for promotional texts - causes and solutions

Why is Google rejecting these images? If you manage large product catalogues with marketplaces or listings for which you ....

Published on 18 October, 2021

The new Drops section on Instagram

A new feature is coming to Instagram to help users find out about new product launches.

Published on 18 October, 2021

Ads on Instagram Reels are coming to France

Instagram is continuing its trials by rolling out ads on its Reels format in France.

Published on 18 October, 2021

Why and how should you use Google Data Studio?

In the world of digital marketing, it is essential to be able to clearly visualise the results obtained.

Published on 18 October, 2021

The Inventory Management feature on Search Ads 360

Search Ads 360 is Google's paid platform for the management of your marketing campaigns on search networks. This tool co ....

Published on 17 October, 2021

What are YouTube Shorts and how should they be used?

Great news: the beta version of the YouTube Shorts tool is coming to France! The French launch comes a few months after ....


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