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New Pinterest Shopping functionalities

Caroline Poyet
by Caroline Poyet

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Pinterest is extending its Shopping functionalities, already available in the USA. At last, they're coming to France!

In addition to France, Canada, the UK, Australia and Germany are also benefiting from the change.

These new features have something in common: they facilitate purchases directly from the platform for users. Thus, the platform is taking a definite swing towards e-commerce by allowing users to buy from Pins, Boards, Search Results, etc.

In addition, Shopping Spotlights will offer an inspirational selection to users with a certain number of trends identified by experts. 

Learn more about these new features with us!

Pinterest's move to e-commerce

The platform is making a shift that began some time ago with these ads. Many users save products that they come across on Pinterest. According to Pinterest's own data, this practice increases sevenfold the chances that a user will make a purchase. 

Shopping List 

To exploit this trend as far as possible, Pinterest is launching Shopping Lists: a new section where users can find the product pins that they've saved. This feature will soon be available in France and will make it easier to buy from the platform.

Les futures listes de Shopping sur Pinterest

Future Shopping Lists on Pinterest


Verified Merchant Program

The Verified Merchant Program will also soon be extended to new countries. This programme is aimed at sellers and is designed to support businesses of every size.

Pinterest optimises its platform for advertisers

Pinterest seems to be increasingly becoming a platform designed for e-commerce. Recent research shows Pinterest's ability to trigger purchases.

This ability is particularly shown in its users monthly spends, with an average spend 30% higher each month for a 30% larger basket. 

The platform has taken this fact to encourage advertisers to take advantage of its paid solutions. Pinterest's advertising solutions seem to be becoming increasingly popular, particularly due to the inspirational nature of the platform. 

What's new for users of Pinterest with regards to shopping

Shopping List

As we've just said, this new feature will allow users to find saved Product Pins with ease. The section will also include important information on the product, such as its name or price, for example. Users will also be sent notifications if there's a special offer on the product in question.

Shopping from search

This new tab will only contain Product Pins and will appear in the search results. These Pins will make it easier to buy products from sellers, using specific terms, such as "office chair". The experience will be complemented by filters to sort results by different criteria, such as price.

Le nouvel onglet d’Achat depuis la Recherche

The new Shop tab from Search

Shopping with Lens

Thanks to the visual search feature, users can transfer their real-world inspiration to online purchases. It works by them taking a photo of the object that inspires them using the Pinterest camera, then running a visual search.

Shopping from Pins 

If a user displays a Pin on their screen, Pinterest immediately identifies shoppable products via a tagging system. When the tags are clicked on, the platform will display shoppable products in the same category.

Shopping from Pins

Improved Product Pins

Pinterest is displaying additional information to optimise the user experience with close-ups of Product Pins. In addition to the price, users can see delivery information or customer reviews, for example.

Les Épingles Produits améliorées

Improved Product Pins

Shopping Spotlight

This is content selection chosen by experts and influencers to introduce users to new brands and ideas. For example, journalists and the media may take part in the selection, depending on the trends.

Shopping Spotlight

Shopping Spotlight

Shopping from Boards

A new special Shop section will now be available in boards allowing users to buy directly from them.

New features for online merchants on Pinterest

Verified Merchant Program

Verified merchants will be awarded this checkmark by offering users a good experience on their websites in addition to high-quality products. These merchants will be easy to identify via a blue checkmark displayed on their profile (like verified Instagram accounts). This programme will allow advertisers to benefit from wider distribution as well as conversion reporting, for example. 

New Shop Tab for merchants

The Shop Tab becomes a virtual storefront, with featured in-stock products grouped by categories. Dynamically created recommendations are also featured. 

Product Tagging

Advertisers can now tag products using the Pin Generator identification tool. This allows users to identify certain information (like the product name) immediately when they zoom in on a Pin.


These new features are proof of the growing interest of consumers in online shopping, but also the opportunity for Pinterest to expand in this market. Our consultants are experts in these subjects, feel free to contact us to find out more!

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