Our Approach

The ever-growing amount of data waiting to be activated, the proliferation of specialized tools, and new players competing every day to sell services or technologies are forcing marketing directors to face decisive choices on new customers acquisition.

Arcane provides support in the choice of tools and data collection and offers a dataflow-based technology to industrialize and automatize the management of advertising campaigns on any platform. We aim at rethinking the online advertising purchase process in order to make it smarter, more adaptable, and more profitable.

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activated products with Arcane technology



of acquisition costs with a growing volume



optimized keywords with our technology



of the mobile conversion rate with AMP technology

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The Company

Arcane is a fast-growing start-up that banks on its teams’ talents and innovation to offer solutions that revolutionize the online advertising management. Arcane got certified Young Innovative Company for SmartFeeds, its smart advertising management solution.

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