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Idea Pins on Pinterest are coming to France

Caroline Poyet
by Caroline Poyet

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Pinterest's Story Pins format is evolving! Idea Pins have arrived and are proving to be a fusion between Instagram stories and TikTok videos.

The overall intention behind this launch is to give free rein to the creativity of Pinterest users. 

How? By telling a story via video, music and publishing tools. In concrete terms, they are videos that look like up to 20 pages of content. 

From Story Pins to Ideas Pins: adapting to what users want

To begin with, Pinterest defended its Story Pins by insisting on their differences to the more traditional story formats found on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. 

In fact, Story Pins are based on users' creations, with no desire to share anything about their lives. In addition, they could be around for a long time, unlike more traditional stories whose content is often here today and gone tomorrow. 

The Story Pins experiment is now evolving to become Ideas Pins. This change comes about after several months of discussions. Now the publishing options for Pinterest stories are much wider. 

Video is now the key part of Ideas Pins, because users are demanding the chance to produce short content via videos (like TikTok, for example). That's why Pinterest is offering videos with a maximum length of 60 seconds. The format therefore meets users' new expectations. 

A new story format exclusive to Pinterest

Although it's easy to see similarities between Ideas Pins, TikTok videos and Instagram stories, the platform's desire to stand out is still clearly visible.  

Generally speaking, the tool enables the production of videos with a fairly high level of quality. Users can add their own voice-overs, for example, and also make professional-looking transitions to promote their content.

Currently, the format doesn't allow users to add stickers. The features should appear later with a limited number of illustrations linked to the things users are doing (such as cooking).

These stories are distributed on the Pinterest platform with the option to add a topic tag to connect content to relevant interests. 

Pinterest confirms that it will also be possible to export stories to other social media. The video will then include a Pinterest watermark with the name of the profile (an idea taken directly from TikTok).

This new story format is a clear indicator of what seems to be becoming the norm in terms of user expectations with regard to videos! Contact us to know all there is to know about this new feature.

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