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Story Pins: the new story format from Pinterest

Caroline Poyet
by Caroline Poyet

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Pinterest is announcing a twist in the world of stories with the launch of its own format: Story Pins, in beta version.

Until now, the social network seemed unsure about getting into stories. Now, users can share images, videos and other recordings from the platform.

However, this new feature has become part of the DNA of Pinterest by standing out from the more traditional story formats on Snapchat, for example. 

Today, we're deciphering this new feature with you!

The singularities of the Story Pins format

According to the Head of Content on Pinterest, David Temple, the approach offered by the social network is different to its peers in several respects, particularly in its philosophy: 

  • Pinterest stories are not designed to show others what you're doing, but to share the way you're trying out new products or ideas.
  • They are not ephemeral and their content is therefore available in the long run
  • Users can save Story Pins and watch them later 

Thus, the platform is establishing itself as a space where content can be created immediately, rather than uploaded and then shared.

In addition to this new feature, Pinterest is also launching an engagement tab and an analytic dashboard for tracking the way in which users engage with the stories.

A key format for advertisers

Pinterest business accounts will be able to take advantage of Story Pins. They will be useful for saving several videos, adding images, text and voice-overs within a single pin. 

The possibilities are therefore fairly extensive, for example: 

  • Create a step-by-step guide to show how to use your product by putting it in context
  • Optimise targeting by tagging the right subjects
  • Present a collection of products within a single format to allow users to discover it
  • Describe your brand and products in a totally different way by putting them in a new context

As with other Social Media platforms, Story Pins are likely to rapidly become a feature in brands' advertising landscape!

Story Pins are only available in beta version at the moment, but we're following Pinterest's announcements very closely. If you want to know more about this platform, contact us! 

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