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Published on 18 October 2021 -

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5 winning strategies with Custom labels on Google Shopping

Congratulations! Your shopping feeds are finally of good quality and all your products have been approved by the Google Merchant center. It's logical that you should be asking yourself what ...

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Published on 18 October, 2021

Live shopping: the new online shopping trend

 Live shopping is a real phenomenon in China and reuses the main principles of home shopping, enabling users to buy a pr ....


Published on 18 October, 2021

The disappearance of third-party cookies from Google Chrome

This is no longer news: last January, Google announced that it wanted to remove third-party cookies from its Chrome brow ....


Published on 18 October, 2021

TikTok is preparing for the arrival of the Collection and DPA formats

TikTok is getting ready to launch a new range of online shopping tools based on e-commerce.

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