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TikTok: 3-minute videos are available

Caroline Poyet
by Caroline Poyet

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TikTok was already testing longer-format videos with some users back in December 2020. 

The social network is now rolling out longer videos to everyone. You can now post videos up to a maximum of 3 minutes long, that's three times longer than the current limit.

How to start making 3-minute videos on TikTok?

The functionality is presented in the form of an extension with the option to make longer videos (or not). The new option will be rolled out in the next few weeks and users will be notified when it's working perfectly.

With this almost revolutionary change, the social network is confirming its aim to encourage users to make more educational or more detailed videos.  The 3 minute videos may prove useful for budding chefs sharing their recipes, for example. The press release highlights TikTok's aim to give creators more time "to bring their recipes or beauty tutorials to life or to create educational videos or comedy sketches."

A shift like this represents a great opportunity for content creators who see it as a new freedom to be enjoyed. 

What does this change mean?

Consumption of videos on TikTok was strongly linked to the short format and constant scrolling on the app. Undoubtedly, the chance to make longer videos will change the way in which the content is consumed. Some things, such as making several short videos to tell a story may disappear and be replaced by longer videos. In addition, the social network's algorithm may change in the medium term,  but no information has been released as yet. 

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