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What are YouTube Shorts and how should they be used?

Caroline Poyet
by Caroline Poyet

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Great news: the beta version of the YouTube Shorts tool is coming to France! The French launch comes a few months after those in the USA and India. 

Bearing in mind the  millions of views every day in some parts of the world, such as Latin America, the format looks promising to say the least.

We'll give you more details about the new tool in this article.

What exactly are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube describes Shorts as a “new experience”. They are videos that are a maximum of 60 seconds long and can include several clips. Not unlike TikTok, even though the platform has recently extended the length of its videos. Following an update, the app is now offering a “create a Short” CTA.

This new offering is a great opportunity for content creators, particularly because of the audience that this platform represents. YouTube has 46 million active users every month in France alone.

How do you create a Short on YouTube?

Short guide to making the most of the new format, find all the useful information in the dedicated YouTube article.

  • Sign in to the app on your mobile
  • Click on "Create, then "Create a Short"
  • Press the “15 s” button and then you can create a video up to 60 seconds long
  • Record the video by holding down the record button, or click once to start the recording, then click a second time to stop it
  • Select "OK" to preview the video, then "Next" to add information
  • Add a title
  • Upload

Please note: By selecting “Speed” at the time of recording, you can speed the recording up or slow it down. The "Timer" option allows you to set the time the recording starts, so you can film hands-free.

The Shorts feature on YouTube

Add audio content

As with other short formats, you can add a soundtrack to your videos. Just select the option before you start recording. YouTube offers an extensive library of free sounds.

Apply filters

There is a "Filter" button that allows you to modify the mood of your videos. You can apply the filters before recording or during editing. More effects will become available over the coming months.

Importing clips

At the time of recording, select “Gallery” to import other video clips to your recording. 

Post-recording options 

You can add audio to the video after recording, as well as text. The “Timeline” button allows you to decide when the text appears or disappears from the video. 

This new video format competes directly with TikTok and Instagram's Reels. The next months will tell whether the trials were successful.

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