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Black Friday: stand out from the competition by using your product feeds

Caroline Poyet
by Caroline Poyet

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Last week, we offered you an article dedicated to Black Friday, with our advice on getting the most out of this key period.

Today, we're going to be concentrating on the ways in which your product feeds can help you make more sales!

As a reminder, product feeds are files that include all your information about your product catalogue. They are used to automatically send your catalogue to a website or an external platform (such as Google Shopping).

They include lots of information about your products, such as stocks, prices, product names, colours, etc. The quality of the data transmitted therefore has a big influence on Google Shopping ads.

During Black Friday, the quality of your data is key to offering a good user experience and not missing out on a single sale.

During this period of special offers, the variation in level of availability, or dedicated offers are also areas that require flawless product feeds. This advice also applies to Cyber Monday (which is a 100% online event), the Monday after Black Friday. 

Here at Arcane, we are experts on the subject, and we give advice to help you respond to these problems and be ready for Black Friday. 

The compliance of your product attributes with Google specifications

It is crucial to give Google product data in the right format to ensure that your ads match the right searches. 

Google's specifications ensure the correct formatting of your products in the different Merchant Center programmes. The performance of your ads depends on thecompliance of your product attributes with Google's specifications.

That's why you must thoroughly check the basic information sent to Google with regard to: identifiers, titles, descriptions, links, image links, additional links and product links.

The same goes for the prices and availability of your products as well as product categories. Take a look at the  Google article about the subject. 

Rapid update of your feeds

Recent data are the key to ensuring the efficacy of your ads and maybe even more so if the sell-through rate is high. We advise you to update your feeds at least once a day during the Black Friday period! 

Why so often? Because the freshness of your data ensures that the essential information is fed through to your ads, such as product availability or prices.

It is essential that your ads feature products that are in stock, at the right price so you don't miss any sales and to ensure the best possible user experience. 

For example, the updating of prices in Google Shopping is crucial. Let's not forget that Google Shopping allows users to compare prices. We can see that the cheapest products often have the highest click rate. In addition, Google rewards products with a high click rate by highlighting them in Shopping. 

Thus, the fact that you remain competitive on price generates impressions thanks to a higher click rate.

How to upload your data for Custom Labels

Rapid uploading of your product feeds is essential if you want to organise your products via Google Shopping's custom labels. You'll then be able to adjust your bids according to the data in real time.

Firstly, custom labels help you to better manage your campaigns by allowing you to adjust your marketing investments according to the labels. Let's take the example of product performance.

The Pareto principle assumes that on average 80% of turnover is generated by the top 20% the best products, and this principle is borne out so much more on  Black Friday. The challenge therefore is to work out which are your best products ! This can be done by regular analysis of your product data by adding the data to a “performance” custom label.

Then, the feed will reflect your product segmentation.

Similarly, you can transpose your marketing events plan to Google Shopping by enriching your product feeds with information about your key periods, like Black Friday!

These three key uses of your product feeds over Black Friday and Cyber Monday must be followed carefully to ensure you make the maximum profit from this key period. Don't forget to optimise your titles, descriptions and product images either!  While we're on the subject, if you'd like to know more about our feed manager, SmartFeeds to help you manage these issues successfully, contact us!

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