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Optimise your bidding strategies with auction-time bidding on Search Ads 360

Caroline Poyet
by Caroline Poyet

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Automatic and Smart Bidding strategies in SEA have been around for years on Google Ads and Search Ads 360 

These algorithms use a wide range of signals, such as device or geographical position, as well as machine learning. The right bidding levels are thus defined and the expected performance levels are reached in terms of visits or acquisition cost, for example.

The auction-time bidding algorithm is the new bidding strategy available on Search Ads 360. This combines the additional signals covered by Search Ads 360 with the finesse of the Google Ads algorithms that bid on search terms.

Learn more about auction-time bidding to improve your SEA performances and find out how to activate the feature!

The improvements brought about by auction-time bidding  

We advise the use of auction-time bidding for several reasons. Firstly, it's a need to which Google has responded. The bidding strategies of  Search Ads 360 were not as granular as those of Google Ads and offered little chance of integrating proprietary data. 

The bidding strategies of Google Ads are more successful, because they modify bids regarding search terms. Conversely, Search Ads 360 modified bids regarding search terms every 6 hours. 

In addition to using the finesse of Google Ads, the auction-time bidding algorithm sets bids according to the data in real time, such as geographical position or time, for example.

Additionally, it is essential to make good use of the richness of your proprietary data to stand out from your competitors. Auction-time bidding is the ideal feature for that.

Auction-time bidding allows you to spot more opportunities and reach more customers at the right time.

Automation is an excellent means of seizing business opportunities. For example, thousands of people type the same searches into Google. However, each search is different.

In fact, the search context is rarely the same and particularly dependent on the time, location or the device. Auction-time bidding automatically adjusts the bids in line with these signals. 

What's more, auction-time bidding can determine the probability of a click becoming a conversion. This approach allows you to aim your ads at consumers who are most likely to buy. 

How to activate the Search Ads 360 feature

Auction-time bidding is available for most of your campaigns on the Google search network.

  • First, go to an existing campaign.
  • In features, select the auction-time bidding option.

Here at Arcane, we know all the secrets of Search Ads 360, so contact us to find out more!

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