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The Inventory Management feature on Search Ads 360

Caroline Poyet
by Caroline Poyet

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Search Ads 360 is Google's paid platform for the management of your marketing campaigns on search networks. This tool contains a number of advanced features designed to give you better performances, such as Inventory Management.

Here at Arcane, we are particularly expert in this advanced feature thanks to our skills in product feeds, and our SmartFeeds technology. 

 So, we're going to explain why and how to use it successfully in your SEA campaigns!

Inventory Management allows you to vary your SEA campaigns, in line with changes in your offer.

In Search Ads 360, Inventory Management uses inventory feed data to automatically generate SEA campaigns. When the inventory is updated, the platform updates the campaigns to avoid advertising products that are out of stock, for example.

Campaigns generated automatically with the Inventory Management function are particularly useful if you have a fluid inventory feed, especially if the availability, price or other parameters change regularly. 

This feature enables you to modify your campaigns in real time, according to fluctuations in your offer. It is therefore particularly useful if your product catalogue changes regularly. What's more, you will no longer make poor investments by bidding on keywords that target offers that are no longer available. Conversely, you will no longer miss out on opportunities by bidding on all your catalogue in real time. 

How Inventory Management campaigns work

To use Inventory Management in Search Ads 360 you just need to: 

  • Find the relevant data to set up the inventory feed and update them daily
  • Define the models for each type of campaign, ad groups, ads and keywords that you want to create

You can create inventory plans, i.e. create several sets of models to generate campaigns with different structures, for example. 

Please note: you can generate Inventory Management campaigns on any search engine, as long as it is integrated in Search Ads 360.

The advanced Inventory Management feature is therefore an effective means to ensure that all your stock is dynamically listed on the search networks. However, the rollout of such a feature requires great expertise in feeds.

Here at Arcane, we have the solution you need to assist you, so contact us if you're interested!

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