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What are the differences between Google Ads and Search Ads 360?

Caroline Poyet
by Caroline Poyet

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Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords), is a platform that enables the management of paid text ads on the Google search engine. This platform allows advertisers to reach the right targets at the right time. 

Google Ads offers fairly basic features, enabling everyone to manage paid search campaigns easily (budget management, ad creation, conversion tracking, integration with Google Analytics, etc.).

Search Ads 360 is the paid solution from Google that takes advertisers to the next level in the management of their SEA campaigns. Among the distinguishing features of this platform, we could mention the option to distribute ads on several search networks. 

So, when does Google Ads become insufficient for your needs, and you need to move on to Search Ads 360? What are the differences between Google Ads and Search Ads 360?

In this article, Arcane will help you untangle all this information!

What is Search Ads 360 (SA360)?

The SA360 platform enables the efficient management of SEA campaigns, by distributing them on several search engines.

Another feature of the tool is the reporting: the reports are more comprehensive for more accurate tracking of campaigns. 

Another important point: the solution is natively integrated in Google Marketing Platform (it's a component of the latter), making it possible to manage all campaigns on a single platform. 

Google Ads VS Search Ads 360 

Now that you've got all the characteristics of SA360 in your mind, we're going to take a look together at the main differences from Google Ads.

Distribution of ads on several search networks

With SA360, you can create and manage campaigns on several search networks simultaneously. This also enables the generation of reports associated with those networks. 

These are the compatible search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu. 

Conversely, Google Ads only allows distribution on the Google search network and its partners.

Cross-channel remarketing

With SA360, you can create remarketing lists from users who click on your search engine ads and on ads on Display & Social networks. This option works on all the SA360-compatible search engines on which you distribute your ads. 

Creation of reports

The “Campaign” tab integrated in SA360 allows you to analyse the performance of your ads and keywords. This tab has pages that give you a preview of performances and trends. It also allows you to access your summary graphics. Briefly, the reports are functional and easy to produce.

Optimisation of bids and generation of ads

The strength of Search Ads 360 is that it implements bidding strategies that will optimise much more customised KPIs adapted to the client's objectives.

The bidding process is also simpler than Google Ads because of automatic optimisation with regard to the wallet. 

Why use Search Ads 360?

Advanced features

Floodlight Tag: with SA360, you can use Floodlight, the Google Marketing Platform's conversion tracking system. The system is based on tags, enabling the tracking of activities on your website, and includes report-creation features. Amongst other things Floodlight allows conversion data to be added to reports. 

Inventory Management: In Search Ads 360, Inventory Management uses inventory feed data to automatically generate SEA campaigns. When the inventory is updated, the platform updates the campaigns to avoid advertising products that are out of stock, for example.

Auction-Time Bidding: The auction-time bidding algorithm is the new bidding strategy available on Search Ads 360. It combines the additional signals covered by Search Ads 360 with the finesse of the Google Ads algorithms that bid on search terms.

Consolidated attribution models

Search Ads 360 allows you to set up customised, or data-driven attribution models. These models are directly derived from your data from attribution models generated in Google Analytics and Campaign Manager. 

With SA 360, you can manage your performances more comprehensively thanks to the integrated Google Marketing Platform (GMP) stack. To find out whether you should invest in the solution, you first need to ask yourself the right questions: are the features of Google Ads adequate for you? The solution is particularly advantageous if you're already using the GMP ecosystem, particularly Google Analytics 360, Display & Video 360, or Campaign Manager. 

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